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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Will have my say

As I listen to the political  pundits and some members of Congress on radio and television, it seems to me that a lot of what I'm hearing is just plain demagoguery and I refuse to allow that type of practice to go unchallenged. Just a few days ago, (R) Rep. Randy Forbes of Virginia, 4th district, introduced a bill to be voted on for re-affirmation, labeled, "In God We Trust", the motto that is on the monetary vice of this country, the U.S., with all of the problems this Republic is facing, this jackal and other members of his party are side-stepping that which is most needful in the lives of 14 millions Americans without employment, Jobs, and not only that but these well dressed, clean shaven hypocrites stand before a television camera and put on a show as though they are auditioning for some up-coming movie. If they trust in God, there doesn't need to be an affirmation of their stance but rather an action that will demonstrate it. The President (although he became more interested in job creation when he began to witness his approval numbers fall like a building being hit with a steel ball) has put a jobs bill out for members of Congress to vote on, and all they have constantly done is give his bill a vote in the negative, never mind, the infrastructure in this country is crumbling, the members of Congress on the Republican side continue to sign pledges against raising any type of tax and they continue to march-in-step with those that only want to see the President and this Nation in an absolutely failed state. It is clear to me that most of the citizens, if not all, that support this kind of nonsense are in a mode that can only be described as imbecilic. Prior to the mid-term election of 2010, the talk from the Republican party was, vote us in and the first thing on our agenda will be to bring jobs to the American people, well I don't have to tell you here, albeit I will, that hasn't  happened. But they continue to posture and say things that's  just as ridiculous as anything I have ever heard. There! I have had my say on the subject.

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